Don’t Worry Be Happy

This Week’s Challenge: Don’t worry, be happy.

I’ve lost 50 pounds since the beginning of Lent. True story. These pounds were not in any way reflected on the bathroom scale, but I felt it just the same.

How? I gave up worrying for Lent and felt the weight loss as my shoulders became less burdened with the weight of the typical worries of being a mother, wife, athlete and business owner. I now feel lighter with the absence of unnecessary angst.

The funny thing is that I’ve given up worrying for Lent for the past few years. One would think that I would have it down pat. But not so!

But, when I give up worrying for Lent I am reminded:

  • We can only control the decisions we make.
  • Worrying is not productive.
  • Worrying is a mind killer and can paralyze you with burdens not fit for anyone.
  • Worry leads to fear. Fear leads to negative behavior.

These are all reasons why you need to try Female IQ Podcast’s “Don’t Worry Be Happy Challenge.”

When you feel worry creeping in, try these simple steps:

  • Identify that you are indeed worrying.
  • Take a deep 5-10 deep breaths.
  • Realize that you only have control over your decisions moving forward.
  • Don’t look back but use the knowledge that you’ve gained from previous mistakes to make better decisions.
  • Trust your decisions. Second guessing your decisions can lead to a worried state.
  • Reflect on the positives, however big or small.
  • Adopt your own mantra as a form of self talk. (Ex: Not Today Worry!)

Sending U Good “Q”— Laura and Becca

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