Female IQ Podcast Episode 46: Laura Breaks Down Breaking a Sweat

Still fending off the co-oh-hell-no-virus, Becca interviews Laura about breaking a sweat without breaking “spatial” distancing protocol or injuring yourself. Laura is a USAT triathlon coach and a physical therapist that specializes in triathletes. Her coaching and plans are physical therapy based and designed to get you to your race happy, healthy and prepared to compete. Her tips include:

  • Setting a weekly exercise plan. Though many of us, especially those teaching home school, need to be flexible, we still need to commit to a weekly fitness routine.
  • Working out first thing in the morning. Like you, Female IQ struggles to get out of bed for those early morning workouts. During this time, let yourself sleep in but before you get bogged down with work, kids, etc, get your daily workout out of the way. You will feel invigorated and more ready to conquer the day.
  • Get creative. Keeping in mind your fitness level and any chronic conditions like low back pain, get inventive with your workouts. Soup cans can become dumbbells. Dance parties with the kids can become your new Zumba class. And ties and belts can become yoga straps. Also, feel free to start your own thing using Zoom or FaceTime.
  • Don’t forget the basics. Standard exercises like leg lifts on your hands and knees can be really effective for toning.

Female IQ is excited to launch our new page Shop “Q” 4 U were you can access many of our programs and services, including Laura’s coaching.

“We believe every woman has something intelligent to say. Let’s listen.” —Becca & Laura

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