Push Through with Push-Ups

This Week’s Challenge: Do push-ups everyday for 7 days.

During this difficult time, we are all trying to find our inner power. So, to generate some get-up-and-go gumption, Female IQ challenges you to do push-ups. Here’s how:

Day 1 — Maintaining correct form, establish a baseline as to how many push-ups you can do without compromising your form. NOTE: There is no shame in your game if the only way you can maintain proper form is to do push-ups from your knees.

Day 2-Day 7 — Each day add one more push-up to your baseline count.

Female IQ Tips:

  • Feel free to pause between reps to make sure you maintain proper form.
  • Play music that makes you want to bust a move like Social Distortion (Becca) or 90s rap (Laura).
  • Attempt the challenge in the morning before your day gets out from under you.
  • Invite a friend to do the challenge with you to keep you accountable.

Sending U Good “Q”— Becca & Laura

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