Thinking Outside the Box

This Week’s Challenge: Get inspired to think outside the box.

Right about now, we are all feeling a bit boxed in. But, Katie Knowles of CycleBar® Hilton Head is here to remind us all about our inner breakthrough power. This week she and Female IQ once again join forces in hopes to motivate each of us to take a look at what we have (rather than what we don’t have) and work through our current challenges via an inspirational story.

Katie recently shared with Female IQ how, as a small business owner in an industry highly affected by COVID-19, she thought outside the box to not only enable her studio to thrive, but for people in her community to continue to thrive.

“With the quick and unexpected closure of our studio, we knew we had to do something. While we’ve closed three times due to hurricanes, this situation was different. We began renting our bikes out to our Hilton Head community,” began Katie. “While this is not the same in-studio experience, it still provided the community the opportunity to ride with us virtually. With the bike rental, each client received 60 days of complimentary on-demand CycleBar classes. The classes are based out of our corporate franchising headquarters. Locally, we will provide some Instagram Live classes and hope to provide more online classes with our local instructors. This has been a great time to re-evaluate our business, our family life and really understand what is important.”

Continuing, Katie talked about the importance of staying strong during this unprecedented time. “We’re all in this pandemic together, which is why it is so important to maintain some type of normalcy.” Acknowledging that, “We’ve never experienced anything like this and staying motivated is tough!” Katie also said, “But think of how you feel after you finish a CycleBar and/or exercise class? Your endorphins kick in and you feel that you have mentally and physically conquered your day. Exercise can help to clear one’s head and keep one’s body mobile.”

Katie then added, “This current pandemic will pass and we need to keep focusing on that, as well as the question, ‘What things in our life are worth going back to?'”

Then Katie talked about how she awakens herself to possibilities and, like you, can generate an out-of-the-box attitude. For example, every morning, she gets up before her family and stretches, meditates and prays. “This might only be 20 minutes of silence for the day and the only time to get my ‘head right.'”

Katie also asks herself the following self-reflective questions:

  • How will my business survive?
  • What has been done, can be tweaked and can be done a little better?
  • What gets me out of bed everyday?
  • How can I help someone else?  
  • What will make someone else’s life better?
  • How do I make our community better?
  • How can I laugh today?

Katie and Female IQ encourage you to make a list of questions that propel you toward a positive future. In addition, we would also love to hear from you by posting on our Facebook page about inventive ways you, too, think outside the box.

As for CycleBar® Hilton Head‘s future, Katie’s positivity continues with, “When we reopen, expect change. These changes will help our community to continue to stay healthy and fit. We will be outlining details once we receive the okay to begin phases of reopening. For those loving our bike rental, we will continue to rent out a portion of our bikes and stay tuned for our grand re-opening sales. They will be our biggest yet!”

Sending U Good “Q”— Becca and Laura

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